Cybernetyx EyeRIS Pro

Go PRO & Power Your Projector

World’s first Interactive Wireless Digital Whiteboard Device for Projectors, powerful enough to be a PRO

EyeRIS Pro is an advanced surface-independent wireless touch interactive teaching device. It can convert any flat surface such as a wall or dry-erase whiteboard into Touch enabled Digital Whiteboard. With a superior smartphone-like gesture-touch experience, it supports interactivity up to 10 simultaneous touch points.

PixelTouch Interactivity

EyeRIS® Interactive Sensing Camera converts any flat projection Surface into a touch-enabled digital whiteboard. The high precision and lag-free writing enable a great user experience.

WiFi Touch

World’s first wireless interactive projection device. Leverage touch capabilities on your powerful Windows® or MAC® from the big screen without connecting any USB cable or wires.


With a click of a single button, your entire Digital Whiteboard writing and content can be exported and shared with the audience via a simple QR code reducing the time and effort involved in taking handwritten notes in a classroom.

Interactive Whiteboard Teaching Suite

Kneura Teach

Bundled with Interactive Whiteboard Teaching suite Kneura Teach, having a gamut of tools and features that assists educators to deliver effective lessons in the classroom.

Smart Tools

Handwriting recognition to solving mathematical equations, adding more pages to changing backgrounds, smart draw, and highlighter.

My Cloud
Get access to the most updated and accurate information in the form of texts, images and videos directly on the whiteboard through My Cloud & KSAR.
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