Get innovative in classrooms with this giant tablet! An interactive LED-panel, powered by a small computer and einsOS, has a 65” Ultra HD built-in display. The high resolution of the screen ensures intellectual clarity amongst students.

Participate with Multi-touch

Designed specifically for your smart classroom, SparkPANEL can support 10 different touch points. This means a number of students can come up to the Panel and interact at the same time. It even converts written text into fonts.

Smooth-writing Experience

SparkPANEL is integrated with EyeRIS, which has interactive sensor technology built-in. Experience smooth writing with zero lagging. WiFi allows all devices to connect. SparkPANEL is powered by einsOS. It lets teachers track attendance, review assignments and create lesson plans.

Interaction and Collaboration

A platform to work together on projects. A sleek panel with in-built learning applications enable teachers and students, alike, to write, brainstorm and flourish in a collaborative smart classroom. Perfect for group or student-led learning, einsClass app makes it easy for teachers to follow and observe the session.

Learning Assistant and More

SparkPANEL comes with a learning assistant and also MyCloud, an educational search engine. Curated content made readily available through einsAcademy saving teacher’s a lot of time.

Smooth writing

Experience the writing experience which mimics pen on paper; effortless and simple. With EyeRIS technology detecting the user’s intent during their hand gestures, writing as a feature for students and teachers will never be difficult. There is practically no scope for lagging.

Realtime collaboration

Collaboration is effective when it is done on the spot, immediately. SparkPANEL boasts of real-time collaboration features which allow students to come forth and brainstorm over an assigned topic or project. It gets better as students are able to collaborate remotely when they’re away from the classroom.

Plug and Play

Unlike other products out there, SparkPANEL doesn’t come with an extensive installation ritual and is ready to go as soon it has been plugged in. The einsclass app is up and running from go and curated content is already made available to the users.


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